Downtown Denver Living: An Interview with Real Estate Expert, Lane Walsh

Downtown Denver Living


1. What’s the current vibe of the central Denver neighborhoods?

The vibe in Denver right now is nothing short of electric…or as electric as you can possibly get while wearing jeans.  It’s like that cool nightclub with a one-in-one-out policy.  People are willing to wait out in the cold because they are moving to Denver or around Denver as a lifestyle choice.  We value our food, booze, art, outdoors and physical activity.  If you can imagine, Denver has bucked its cowtown personality (see what I did there) in favor of a more sophisticated, worldly vibe.  Our energy is strong, our economy is growing, we are the hub of the west.  While the natives like to gripe about the increase in traffic and the “Johnny Come Latelys,” they wouldn’t trade their skiing, hiking, biking paradise.  Each neighborhood has its own flavor and the residents identify with their neighborhoods for a number of reasons.  You know your tribe when you see them and there’s something for everyone in this city.


2. Can a family really move central Denver, find good schools and love it?

I think it’s perfectly reasonable for a family to move to Denver, find a school that fits their child’s needs and love it!  It’s a matter of research and working with an agent who can educate a family on the nuances of each neighborhood.  Based on price range and personal preference, a neighborhood expert, like we know our selves to be here at Dwell Denver, can help families navigate the process of school questions.  It’s tricky because we can’t weigh in on schools, per se, but we can provide resources, personal connections with others at a particular school and share any anecdotal information we have about experiences at a particular school.  Can a family love it here?  Of course!  Out of the 2.9 Million people who live in Metro Denver, most would agree.


3. What are some of the “hotter” neighborhoods right now, in your opinion and why?

LoHi – This is where we live.  We love it because we can walk everywhere…I mean everywhere.  If you want to feel like you live in San Francisco or possibly somewhere in Europe, LoHi is the place to be.
Washington Park West – It has all of the amenities of Denver’s most iconic neighborhood, Washington Park but with a softer, kinder, gentler price point.
RiNo – The art, the food, the booze in RiNo is incredible.  If you want to see what the cool kids are up to, head down on a Friday night and take it all in.
Downtown Denver, near Union Station – 2 words: Whole Foods.  There is finally a grocery store in Downtown Denver.  Technically there are two now because King Soopers is not too far from my favorite place in Denver, Union Station, but…Whole Foods.
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