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Start a Bidding War!

You live in Denver, you’ve outgrown your current home, and you want to take advantage of this extreme seller’s market. Sound about right? Then you’re one lucky duck, and it’s time to put your house on the market and bring on the bidding war. Wait, what’s a bidding war you ask? Friend, it’s ...

Life Beyond the Treadmill: 5 Great Alternative Workouts around Denver

It’s possible that gyms, with their intimidation factor, workouts on repeat and sweaty equipment could be “so 2017”. Here in the Mile High City, we take our workouts seriously. Being tired of the gym is no excuse to skip a great workout.…

Downtown Denver Living: An Interview with Real Estate Expert, Lane Walsh

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1. What’s the current vibe of the central Denver neighborhoods? The vibe in Denver right now is nothing short of electric…or as electric as you can possibly get while wearing jeans.  It’s like that cool nightclub with a one-in-one-out…

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