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Dwell Denver Neighborhood Spotlight | Sunnyside

This week’s Dwell Denver Neighborhood Spotlight shines on the little ray of light in Northwest Denver...Sunnyside.  It’s got historic roots, an eclectic vibe, a convenient location, and is smack dab in the middle of a booming restaurant scene. Denver’s Sunnyside neighborhood has enjoyed a revival recently, thanks to an influx of development, restaurants, breweries, and new residents who are migrating north from the overly saturated, and overpriced Highland neighborhood. What makes Sunnyside cool is that it feels like a real neighborhood, think quiet, tree-lined streets, but has the amenities of a destination neighborhood.  What more could you ask for?

Dwell Denver Neighborhood Hot Spots | Tables | South Park Hill

Our city hosts an eclectic variety of neighborhoods, each with their own charm and unique restaurants, shops, cafes, breweries and just about everything in between!  This week's Dwell Denver Neighborhood Hot Spot is celebrating the South Park Hill treasure, Tables! We needed a fancy night out to celebrate a friend's new adventure. Tables is always a treat and a great place to celebrate. The menu changes seasonally so there is always something to look forward to. Although Tables is the gem of Park Hill, we consider it to be one of the best restaurants in the city.

Dwell Denver Market Update: The Number One Reason for Buyers to Buy Right Now | 09.18.18

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Today’s Market Update is: The Number One Reason for Buyers to Buy Right Now Surprise surprise, we have a shocking statistic: as of September 2018, the Denver Metro market has the most number of houses for sale that we’ve had in four years. There are almost 12% more houses on the market than there were this time last year. While it is typical to have more inventory available in the Fall (as well as fewer buyers than the Spring/Summer influx), this is the most we’ve had in four years.

Dwell Denver Services: PSA | Saging

Dwell Denver Real Estate was founded on the idea that Real Estate can be handled at an exceptional level and be Really Simple. We provide the services that ensure our clients will not only be successful in their pursuits but have a damn good time doing so! Today's Dwell Denver Services is a PSA. Perhaps you’ve heard of burning dried sage, or smudge sticks, as a means of clearing negativity out of a space and inviting beneficial energies? Today’s Dwell Denver Public Service Announcement contains a helpful hint for homeowners: edible sage chips instead of smudge stick. We, here at Dwell Denver Real Estate believe in the practical, as well as the ethereal, and found this recipe as a way to address both!

Dwell Denver Sunday Funday: Cake Crumbs Bakery | South Park Hill

Dwell Denver Real Estate was built on the principle "Real Estate, Really Simple." One of our simple beliefs is in work/life balance. Ergo, we like to get out and enjoy this beautiful city and magical state we call home Today’s Sunday Funday took us to Cake Crumbs Bakery in the South Park Hill neighborhood. Cupcakes at Cake Crumbs Bakery are more than a treat...they are an experience! When you’re out and about in Denver’s South Park Hill neighborhood, stop by and check them out!

Life in Denver: Spinelli's Market | South Park Hill

Our Life in Denver series takes a snapshot look at life in Denver. Whether exploring a cafe that anchors a neighborhood, a park that has become a fitness destination or an eclectic stretch of business that defines the character of an area, we love them all! After all, this is what living in Denver is all about! Today's Life in Denver looks at a Union Station all-star, Next Door American Eatery

Dwell Denver Neighborhood Spotlight | South Park Hill

This week’s Dwell Denver Neighborhood Spotlight focuses on one of Denver’s most idyllic neighborhoods...South Park Hill.  In 1884, Baron von Winckler purchased a large expanse of land east of City Park and named it Park Hill. Creative efforts to promote the new neighborhood included a horse track, land for training Colorado volunteers in the Spanish American War, and even the first commercial airport in the state. The first homes were offered for sale in 1900.  By 1912, Park Hill had become wildly popular, utilizing extensions of Denver’s streetcar lines. As an incentive for attracting its earliest homeowners, Park Hill restricted commercial businesses. As a result, Park Hill still has one of the highest single-family residential percentages in Denver. It’s maintained that quiet, peaceful feel to this day.

Dwell Denver Neighborhood Hot Spots | Pablo's Coffee | Alamo Placita

Our city hosts an eclectic variety of neighborhoods, each with their own charm and unique restaurants, shops, cafes, breweries and just about everything in between!  This week's Dwell Denver Neighborhood Hot Spot is near and dear to our hearts, Pablo's Coffee on 6th! Not only does it roast and serve the best coffee in town, but it's also where we go to relax, unwind, and get creative. Because it has no WiFi, it's the perfect place to go to NOT WORK!

Dwell Denver Market Update: Four Facts About Colorado Tech Companies | 09.11.18

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Today’s Market Update is: Four Facts About Colorado Tech Companies There is lots of conjecture about companies that may be moving offices or headquarters to Colorado and the Denver area. The Denver Channel wrote an article about tech companies in the Denver area. Here are four facts about Denver-area tech companies that you can memorize to sound smart at parties

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